About the Book

One Piece of Advice: Words to guide you through early breast cancer is the book for you if you’ve just been diagnosed with early breast cancer, or you know someone who has.

It’s full of advice, hints and tips that I’ve collected through my own experience and the experience of other women, their families and healthcare teams. All the contributors were asked ‘What’s the one piece of advice you’d give?’ and were encouraged to keep it short and jargon-free – because when we’re faced with something as huge as breast cancer, it’s hard to take it all in, let alone try to figure out complicated medical terms.

The book is different to any other currently on the market because it’s full of practical advice, gathered from the ‘been there, done that’ breast cancer club.

It’s my way of giving back, because I would have liked to have had a book like this, but there wasn’t one. Myself, and all my wonderful contributors would like you to take our experiences, and use them to make yours better.

10% of profits from book sales will be donated to cancer charities to thank them and contribute to their important work going forward.

To celebrate 10 years of One Piece of Advice and this wonderful community, I am pleased to announce that the ebook will now be free.

This is not a promotion; the ebook will be permanently available free of charge.

Please note: the ebook is free of charge via this website. Third parties will still charge for downloads.